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5 Questions for Finance Directors about Leasing and New Lease Accounting

Posted by Andy Haywood on 30/09/16 11:30

The number of companies who utilise leasing as a standard to procure the assets they need is greatly out-measured by the number of businesses who have a dedicated focus on their lease management. As an aspect of business that companies invest a great deal of capital into, it is surprising how few have the tools and expertise to make the most out of their leasing.

Under 10% of Companies Prepared for New Lease Accounting Standards

Posted by Andy Haywood on 09/06/16 10:30

Just 9.8% of thousands of financial and accounting professionals, recently polled by Deloitte, say their companies are prepared to comply with the new lease accounting standards, IFRS 16 and FASB ASU 842.

8 Places You Should Not Be Storing Vital Equipment Lease Documentation

Posted by Andy Haywood on 11/03/16 10:30

The contracts are the most important aspect of a lease agreement and it is crucial that they are treated with care.

Benefits of Data Analytics for Effective Lease Management

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 18/02/16 10:30
In today’s constantly shifting business world, where companies are continuously searching for valuable insights and opportunities that help facilitate business growth, data has become an integral component of effective corporate strategy.

Cloud Lease Management & Accounting Software Is Good For Your Business

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 07/01/16 10:30

For modern businesses that operate in an increasingly digitised and fast paced environment, cloud lease management and accounting software is an intelligent and calculated investment.

Your Business’s Leasing Is Outdated And It’s Costing You Money

Posted by Andy Haywood on 17/12/15 10:30

If your company leases assets then you may be missing out on savings by ignoring these three key processes.

2019 Announced as Effective Date for the New Lease Accounting Standard

Posted by Andy Haywood on 03/11/15 10:30

After a fairly quiet period since the last update, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) have revealed that the new Leases standard will be implemented from the 1st January 2019.

Am I being replaced by a machine? The rise of automation in data culture

Posted by Andy Haywood on 09/07/15 10:30

The growing rise in corporate digitalisation is resulting in some exciting developments, but our conflicted relationship with such technologies can be seen throughout the media. Automated transport, responsive households and advanced visual communications feature heavily in science fiction utopias of the future.

8 Reasons You Need Innervision's Cloud Lease Management Software

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 14/05/15 10:30

Since 2006, Innervision’s powerful cloud lease management software LOIS has been providing our customers with the best and most advanced tools needed to better manage their lease requirements and obligations. 

Lease Management Software is better than Excel for Your Business Needs

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 30/04/15 11:30

Many organisations initially utilise Excel spreadsheets to manage their lease data, but as businesses evolve and their lease portfolios expand with them, Excel can no longer be considered the most suitable option.