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Do you know where your lease agreements are? Where to find the lease data required for IFRS 16

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 20/02/18 10:21

As you undoubtedly know by now, IFRS 16 will come into full effect as of January 2019. In order to meet the transition requirements, companies will need to allow enough time to prepare their lease portfolios.

Will Changes To Lease Accounting Trigger A Change In Business Practices?

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 15/02/18 10:18

With the implementation of IFRS 16 accounting changes in January 2019, many people are wondering whether there will be significant changes in business practices as a result of these.

The 10 Best LOIS Lease Accounting Software Features Users Depend On

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 13/02/18 10:09

The introduction of the new lease accounting standards, IFRS 16 and FASB ASC 842, will have a significant impact on the way leases are recognised on financial statements.

Lease Accounting Changes: Moving forward with implementation

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 08/02/18 10:32

Companies need to start preparing for the lease accounting changes that IFRS 16 will bring in January 2019. Organisations with large lease portfolios will see a bigger impact on their key reporting metrics.

Who Should Be Involved In Your Company’s Lease Accounting Implementation Project?

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 06/02/18 10:41

IFRS 16 – what some are calling ‘the biggest accounting change ever’ – comes into effect for annual reporting periods starting on or after 1 January 2019, and the chances are that it will impact your business significantly.

How To Turn IFRS 16 Implementation Into An Opportunity

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 01/02/18 09:47

Many companies wonder how their bottom line will be affected when the new leasing standard (IFRS 16) is implemented on 1st January 2019. It can, however, be turned into an opportunity for most businesses.

What Happens If You Ignore IFRS 16

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 30/11/17 10:24

Enforcing IFRS 16 falls to the European Union and the private non-governmental sector such as the Financial Reporting Council in the UK, and the International Accounting Standards Board, but, mostly, it’s a system that is self-enforcing and to an extent self-regulating.

Working Back From IFRS 16 Implementation

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 28/11/17 10:15

Over 120 countries will have adopted the IFRS 16 standards by January 1, 2019.  After this point, IAS 17 leases will no longer apply. It’s possible (and, perhaps, recommended) to adopt IFRS 15, which comes into effect in 2018, early to help your company transition into the later IFRS 16. 

What Should CFOs & Financial Controllers Say About IFRS 16 In Their End Of Year Reports?

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 23/11/17 10:29

Why You Need To Consider IFRS 16 In Your Annual Report

How To Prepare A Construction Business For IFRS 16

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 09/11/17 10:42

Any business that uses leasing as a method to finance their assets is bound to feel the impact of the upcoming implementation of IFRS 16. Having to prepare for the new lease accounting standards is a tough ask for most businesses, but it could have a more significant impact on certain industries, such as in construction.