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Understanding The Benefits Of Cloud Accounting And What It Means For Business And Accounting

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 27/03/18 10:23

Modern businesses operate in an environment that is continually evolving, and they have to adapt to the increasingly digitised landscape in order, not just to thrive, but to stay relevant. Companies that fail to keep up with this new fast-paced environment risk falling away in anonymity alongside their archaic processes.

Can Cloud Computing Transform The Leasing Industry?

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 12/05/17 13:34

Even though the leasing industry has grown considerably over the years, especially during the past decade, the technology used to manage the associated administration processes has remained static in comparison.

Why You Should Move Your Lease Management to The Cloud

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 26/01/16 10:30

In fact, it’s fast becoming recognised as a crucial business term. A study by PWC found that 60% of CEOs consider cloud computing to be strategically important for their business. The cloud can no longer be considered a fad.

Excel is Not the Best Solution for New Lease Accounting Reports (IFRS 16 & US GAAP)

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 19/01/16 10:30

It’s without a doubt that Excel is a powerful business tool that, if used correctly, can perform a large number of useful and practical tasks.

The Rise and Fall of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Posted by Andy Haywood on 10/11/15 10:30

We’ve heard how the cloud promises to raise our business operations to a utopia of simplicity and efficiency, but one hole in modern day SaaS platforms is causing storm clouds to rain on many companies’ parades.

Why are Businesses Still Sceptical of Cloud-based Data Management?

Posted by Andy Haywood on 21/07/15 10:30

Our relationship with technology in the modern world is a complex one. With the rise of the internet of things, most of us have as least a handful of devices connected to the internet and, therefore, more gadgets than ever before. Despite acknowledging these leaps in modern engineering, there lies an underlying rejection and scepticism to fully embrace technology into our lives, particularly in the corporate world.

How Cloud Computing Can Save Your Company Money

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 28/05/15 10:30

Cloud Computing is a fast growing industry that allows businesses to store, manage and organise data that can be accessed from anywhere via the internet. It’s for this reason that Cloud Applications are quickly becoming the go-to option for many of today’s top businesses. However, as Cloud Computing is still in its infancy, many businesses, business leaders and new enterprises are apprehensive about adopting cloud solutions.

How to Choose the Right Cloud Computing Software Provider

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 21/05/15 10:30

The cloud is fast becoming the nerve centre for business developmentSoftware vendors from all industries are offering solutions to a variety of business problems including, lease management, accounting, contract administration, customer relationship management and many more.