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How To Negotiate A Commercial Lease

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 16/01/18 10:14

Negotiating a commercial lease requires real consideration in order to manage cash flow, whilst still allowing the business to perform at its peak and remain flexible.

How To Improve Your Lease Portfolio In 4 Easy Questions

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 11/01/18 10:34

Honestly, ask yourself these questions, answer them and you’ll be able to improve your lease portfolio:

FASB Proposes Improved Lease Accounting Transition Reliefs

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 10/01/18 12:04

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) recently (5th January 2018) issued a proposed accounting standards update intended to reduce the costs for preparers implementing the new standard.

What Needs Doing For IFRS 16 In 2018

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 09/01/18 10:38

It’s estimated that the new lease accounting standards will bring £1.7 TRILLION onto balance sheets around the world.

How Mismanaging Lease Agreements Harms Your Business

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 04/01/18 09:50

So, you’re a business that’s researched leasing compared to owning assets for your company and realised the major benefits which you can get from leasing items which are crucial to the running of your business.

Trends In Leasing Industry Habits In 2018 And Beyond

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 02/01/18 10:41

Society has changed its attitude towards leasing. Attitudes of the past dictated that people saved for what they wanted, and purchased outright, but now few people save to buy - with the exception of deposits.

Reasons Why Companies Prefer To Lease

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 28/12/17 10:50

Lease vs Buy. Which is better? Which is more cost-effective? Don’t know which one is for you and your business?

How Leasing Helps Cash flow

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 27/12/17 10:22

It comes as no surprise that more and more people and companies now choose to lease items rather than purchase them outright.

Buy Or Lease: How To Access The Right Assets For Your Business

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 21/12/17 10:22

Many companies don’t understand the benefits of leasing. In fact, some companies may not even realise leasing is an option. Often people have a misconception that leasing is a lot more expensive than simply buying your asset, but, depending on the asset, that need not be the case.

How Leasing Helps Business Finances

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 20/12/17 10:36

For many businesses, it’s obvious that leasing can help increase cash flow in that, if you don’t have to spend all of your capital on your operating costs, you have more money overall in the bank, which means you will have more cash for growth - incidentals, hiring new staff, smaller purchases, and so forth.