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IFRS 16 – Preparing for your external audit

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 17/10/19 12:16


We are now into the final calendar quarter of 2019. If pertinent to your organisation, then the transition to and compliance with IFRS 16 will be complete or nearing completion.

IRIS Software Group builds international capabilities with acquisition of Innervision

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 05/09/19 13:59


IRIS Software Group is today 5th September 2019 announcing its acquisition of Innervision, a global provider of lease accounting software, lease management consultancy and services.

Applying IFRS 16 – Operating Lease Compliance made easy, impact minimised, benefits optimised!

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 30/08/19 08:33


IFRS 16 specifies how a business reporting under IFRS will recognise, measure, present and disclose leases in its financial statements.

Applying IFRS 16: Lease Accounting Software Implementation Timeline [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 28/08/19 10:01


On this episode of Applying IFRS 16, Irene Johnson, Systems Accountant and Implementation Manager at Innervision, shares the key activities and milestones involved in a typical LOIS Lease Accounting (LLA) implementation timeline, the factors impacting project completion schedules and what to prioritise to ensure your lease accounting project runs smoothly.

Applying IFRS 16: Lease Accounting Implementation Lessons [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 27/08/19 12:36


On this episode of Applying IFRS 16, Systems Accountant and Implementation Manager Phil Midgley discusses some of the key insights and lessons learned from current and previous lease accounting implementation projects.

Applying IFRS 16: Understanding The Opportunities & Benefits [VIDEO]

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 23/08/19 12:13


Since IFRS 16 and ASC 842 were announced, there's been plenty of focus on the challenges, complexities and negative aspects of implementation. However, little has been said about the main corporate benefits available. 

IFRS 16: Frozen GAAP and how to bridge that accounting gap

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 22/08/19 09:59


Bringing more debt on to your balance sheet through adopting IFRS 16 needn’t result in the breaking of covenants with your lenders and whilst loan agreements often contain such financial covenants which the borrow must adhere to so not to be in default of the agreement those covenants are usually calculated according to accounting principles – that is with the possibility that during the loan period new or revised accounting standards may be introduced.

IFRS 16 & Corporate Interest Restriction - Tax, Treasury and Finance departments are all affected

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 20/08/19 12:05


STOP PRESS: If your organisation is likely to deduct more than £2 million in net interest and financing costs when calculating UK Corporation Tax then read on if you want to save time and effort in the treatment of operating type leases under CIR for tax calculation and then IFRS 16 for financial statement compilation.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR): A Year-In-Review

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 08/08/19 11:46


In a little over 12 months since Innervision’s relaunch of its Corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme, the company has accomplished many interesting, varied and some might say slightly quirky projects.

IFRS 16: How it affects disclosures relating to 2019 interim accounts

Posted by Ryan Hendrie on 08/08/19 09:59


In this article, we look at how the introduction of the new lease accounting standard – IFRS 16 ‘leases’ will impact disclosures relating to 2019 interim accounts, as well as attempting to clarify some of the more salient requirements, issues and concerns.